Classify products for export

Use the product features to find the best code for exports classification and valuation

Use the product features to find the best code for exports classification and valuation. Three steps to classify products for export/import based on international standards for exporters.

Steps to classify your product:

1. Describe your product
What: major components in percentage, raw materials, and description
Use and function: how the product is purchased, what is the end use and who the end user is.

2. Use online databases to explore the standard code for your merchandise

Based on the product description, search online for the product classification code that best correspond to your merchandise. The next options provide the same code at 6 digit level. Hint: these codes are international standards for import and exports. A US product may be classified in the two systems shown below, that present a code composed of 6-10 digits:
i. Option 1. Use Harmonized Tariff Schedule ( – imports
ii. Option 2. Use Schedule B engine ( for US exports

3. Use the code for international market research

The product classification code found in step 2 may assist the exporter to obtain best-fit international markets (countries, regions, distributors, and so on). Likewise, to know where and how much your competitors are selling internationally. Exporters use the product classification code to forecast international cost/price, and more. Want to know how it works? Stay Tuned!!!

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